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Research Central

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OBJECTIVE:  Students will be able to use two or more reliable, online resources in order locate and sort information that can be used for a research assignment provided by the teacher.


You have been given an assignment by your teacher and you need to use reliable resources in order to get correct and up-to-date information.


Step One-

It is recommended that you view this video.  If your teacher has already discussed the research process with you, you can skip this step.


Step Two-

Based upon your research skills, select one or more section (the basics, the moderates or the heavies) in order to locate online resources you can use for your project.  The tabs have been created with the varied abilities of the user.


If you want to get information that is easy to understand and may need the assistance of your teacher, use the red section (the basics).


If you want to get information that is a little more detailed and require little to no assistance from your teacher, use the yellow section (the moderates).


If you want to get detailed information and don't need the assistance of your teacher, use the green section (the heavies).


Use the Cornell notetaking sheets to write your notes and keep track of the online resources you use.


NOTE 1- Many of the sites have a search area.  Type one or two words related to your research and sift through the information.

NOTE 2- Use your time wisely. Make sure you skim and look only for the information you need.


Step Three-

It's always important to give credit to the people who created the resources that you used in order to get your information.

View the information located in the citing your sources" section.



Citing Sources



Easy Bib

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Creating your project



Office 365 

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